Before you READ this I didn't write this but I Support it and EVERYONE should READ this and make it his/her own thoughts!

This message needs to be viewed by every single person no matter where he/she comes from, because what's happening «today» is something that's happening everywhere arround the globe and sooner or later YOU will face the same problems as WE do. 

We've bent over to appease the haters of Greece long enough, people who robed Greece during the past and now they think that Greeks are just taking advandage of their fake, such a big lie.

I'm taking the stand! I'm standing up because the hundreds of thousands who died fighting in wars for this country, and for the Greek flag.

If you agree stand up with me. If you disagree...then please let me know, i will gladly remove you from my friends list!
Shame on anyone who tries to make this a racist message.

GREEKS STOP giving away Your RIGHTS!

Let's make this clear THIS IS MY COUNTRY!

This statement DOES NOT mean i am against immigration, in fact THEY made me an immigrand already and in my long jurney to survive i ended up moving to an other country in the hope of creating a better tomorrow...

BUT! Still everyone is WELCOME IN MY COUNTRY, welcome to come legally:
  • Get a sponsor!
  • Learn the language
  • Live by OUR rules!
  • Get a Job!
  • Pay YOUR Taxes!
  • No Social Security until you have earned it and Paid for it!
  • NOW find a place to lay your head!

We've gone so far the other way . . . bent over backwards not to offend anyone. Only GREEKS seems to care when Greek Citizens are being offended ! 

WAKE UP Greece ! ! !
If you do not Pass this on, may your fingers cramp ! Made in the GREECE and proud of it.