This is a real question now or not? According to our opinion this is nothing but an other way that politicians in Greece are trying to terrorize the people of Greece to vote for the same people and say yes to the austerity measures that Germany is trying to impose.

But let's face it, what's next if Greece «decides» (it's a nice way to put it) that goes back to draxma or to another new currency?

One thing is for sure! Other countries that are not able to compete with the rest of them in the EU they will follow and that's the end of Euro as a currency (?).

If Greece leaves the Euro zone, there will be an immediate drop in the value of the Euro and hell will break loose in Greece as lenders and borrowers try to figure out what to do with their Euro-denominated obligations.

The EU will try to shelter the «too big to fail» countries by going on a witch hunt.

So the next step for the EU will be to force the rest of the countries to prove they're worthy of staying, but Spain and Portugal might also have to leave.

There are people who believe that Euro will rise again, over time, because the EU will have cut loose its weaker partners but and there's always a but in this case the question mark here is France. 

France faces budget problems, but they’re too big to fail, while being to big to save also! This is going to drive everyone probably back to USD.