Just a few days after the elections in Greece, the political parties still can't come up with an agreement in order to achieve political stability and a new government in Greece.

Greeks decided that their politicians are not capable to rule the country so they decided to vote for more political parties and according to the Greek political system a single politician formation can't manage to get the votes needed in the Greek Parliament in order to stand up as a government same as the former years where New Democracy and PASOK were able to achieve the majority of votes and act like a single government.

The problem that Greece has to face is the huge dept and with no government to be able to decide the EU commission can't continue providing the money from the active bailout agreement in order for the investors to get their money back.

People you have the power

...is this the real problem? We don't think so! But stay with us and we can come up to a safe conclusion, safer than those who are manipulated and they are screaming that Greeks have to keep up with those austerity measures.

One think is true!

Greeks have to stand up for themselves and nothing more but also nothing less!