It's really amazing to see how Greece one of the most beautiful countries around the globe came down at this point and the country economy fell down like a Castle made from folded and cut paper.

What's the actual cause of this ? Well nothing else but our own self's, it's really amazing that we keep trusting them while at the same time we all know that's easy for them do say yes for something that benefits only them self's instead of their country, instead of what they have promised to them who voted them in the elections.

On the other hand what people need?

They need prosperity and this can only be given by an economy that has the ability to feed everyone, is this doable ? I think it is if we all can open our eyes widely enough to see tomorrow and not just today.

For years politicians in Greece were just promising various unreal and false promises full of shit and the masses believed them and trusted them!

This has to stop! Enough is enough but we don't have to do this by been rude and violent!

It's true that law enforcement used in Greece as also in other countries to support and protect the politicians, the corrupted politicians ? Yes, but it's our responsibility to have them step out and we can do this by using our super weapon. This weapon is nothing more than our constitutional right for voting